Indian Springs Baptist Church
Friday, December 14, 2018
A Pioneer Ministry since 1829

Baskets for Hospice House

Sharon Crawley,Lucy Quick, Mary Register

This ministry began more than 15 years ago, we
 prepare a
basket for the nurses and for each
patient room at Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas
The baskets are for the family members that are
sitting at the bedside of a loved one.  Other than
a loved one.
prayers this is a way to show they
are not alone during a very difficult time.   
Easter - 4/14/2019

Thanksgiving/Christmas - 12/1/2019
Small juice boxes, nuts, gum, cookies, crackers
 homemade baked goods (individually wrapped),
chicken or tuna kits, honey buns or cheese
Danish, pop corn, pop tarts, pudding cups
 fruit cups, chips, seasonal candy, fresh fruit,
(apples, oranges, tangerines, pears) etc.

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