Indian Springs Baptist Church
Tuesday, July 23, 2019
A Pioneer Ministry since 1829
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Prayer List

(Last updated 7/10/2019)   
**If you know someone on our prayer list, if you will
  provide their mailing address, we will send them a 
  note/card to let them know we are praying for them.
In Hospital / ER / Rehab
O.B. White - In ICU @ Shands
Ongoing Medical Issues
Georgeanna Anderson     Billy Cannon               
Joe Humphrey                 Aubrey Mayo
Anne Humphrey                         Gary Marsh                          
Rhonda Suszek                         
Becky Logue               
Maddison Dukes              
Roy Keister                          
etty Roberts                   
Johnny Stribling   
Receiving Treatment/Therapy
Cathy Roberts Davidson                                    
Mary George                                                                              

Karey Kercher-Dowdy

Elderly & Shut-ins
Joe Whited                     
Fred & Christine Lackey 
Other Medical Issues
Deno Sims                   Gloria Roberts            
Sheila Evans                Tim Jones
Benji Kohler                Barbara Wyrick
Gary Fritz                     Fletcher Fado                                               
Kyle Barnwell                 Harris Johnson
Debbie Causey             Pauline Driggers                                          
Other Prayer Needs
Dan & Donna Letton - Nicaraguan Missionaries
IMB & NAMB Missionaries